Itineraries inland from Misano Adriatico

Itineraries The charming hinterland of Misano Adriatico offers tourists a remarkably wide array of interesting spots they can visit during daily trips and excursions.

Some small villages situated on the slopes of the sweet hills which surround Misano Adriatico boast breathtaking views over the underlying lush landscapes and still retain authentic traditions guests will have the opportunity to enjoy walking down Medieval and Renaissance architectures, taking part in local festivals, celebrations and fascinating recollections and tasting genuine local staples and specialities.

The Castle of Gradara, the fortress of Montefiore, the medieval village of Morciano, Montegridolfo and Mondaino are only some of the highlights which are easily accessible from Misano Adriatico.

Not to be missed are the nearby charming village of Coriano, the fascinating Santarcangelo and the famous “land of freedom”, the Republic of San Marino dominated by the impressive Mount Titano.

Besides sun, sea and beach, Misano Adriatico also boasts a rich hinterland which still retains authentic traditions from Romagna. It offers tourists both last minute offers and holiday packages which give them the possibility to spend pleasant holidays here enjoying guided tours and ancient traditions.

itinerari1.jpgAbout Misano Adriatico
Misano Adriatico is bounded by the Adriatic Sea to the north east, the river Conca to the south east, San Clemente and Coriano to the south west and Riccione to the north east. (more...)

itinerari2.jpgThe new sea front of Misano Adriatico
The sea front of Misano Adriatico, realized in 2004 together with the central “Via Repubblica”, is one of the main landmarks of this elegant (more...)

itinerari3.jpgMarina di Portoverde
Marina di Portoverde, a small tourist harbour situated 100 metres west of the mouth of the river “Conca” halfway between Cattolica and Misano Adriatico (more...)

itinerari4.jpgFaunal Oasis of the River Conca
The Faunal Oasis of the River Conca extends for almost 700 hectars from Morciano di Romagna up to the mouth of the river Conca.(more...)

itinerari5.jpgCamilluccia Park
Camilluccia Park in Misano Adriatico is situated in a privileged panoramic position a short distance from the nearby hamlet of Scacciano (more...)

itinerari7.jpgParco Mare Nord Misano Adriatico
In Parco Mare Nord in Misano Adriatico the lush vegetation of the hinterland and the compelling beaches and sea merge in pleasant harmony. (more...)

itinerrari8.jpgCycle Path flanking the River Conca
Misano Adriatico offers the lovers of cycle excursions the possibility to take advantage of the charming cycle path which connects the sea with(more...)