The flavours of Romagna tradition in the restaurants of Misano Adriatico

The Restaurants, traditional trattorias and holiday farms in Misano Adriatico give tourists the possibility to taste the traditional cooking from Romagna, which is based on mouthwatering local staples.

Not to be missed are genuine dishes based on fresh fish, which are served in nearly all restaurants situated along the sea front.

The hinterland (situated just few kilometres away) is scattered with traditional trattorias and holiday farms which serve genuine dishes based on meat and vegetables coming from local gardens and farms.

Gourmets will have the possibility to taste the traditional piadina, which in Romagna is often served as an alternative to bread. Piadina is a basic ingredient here, and it is served both as a sweet snack, accompanied by marmalade or nutella, or at lunch and dinner, filled with Squacquerone and wild rockets or sausages and onions.


Via Nazionale Adriatica, 76
Tel. +39 0541 613848
Il Mulino
Via Ponte Conca, 1
Tel. +39 0541 610754
Le Vele
Via Litoranea Sud, 70
Tel. +39 0541 611399
Via Mercato
Tel. +39 339 7979717
Osteria Gambero Sbronzo
Via Litoranea Nord, 23
Tel. +39 0541 11431